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The Master’s degree in International Communication is an international Master’s degree provided by IULM University in partnership with three prestigious European universities specialised in public relations and communication. The MIC offers the opportunity to study in different universities and to acquire a specialisation targeted at global communication. The best place for management studies in Italy


The Master’s degree in International Communication (MIC) is a postgraduate programme entirely in English lasting 18 months and aimed at graduates in the communication disciplines or related subjects. By attending the MIC Master’s degree course you will be able to study in different universities all over Europe and thus obtain dual recognition.

The MIC is a full-time programme lasting 3 semesters. The first semester (Professionalising Communication) has a core curriculum in which you will get training on the basic tools of communication, and takes place in one of the three partner universities. The second semester (Communication Professional in Context) is oriented towards specialisation and is held in another of the partner universities. The specialisation depends on the programme offered by the university chosen for the second semester. The third semester involves writing a thesis, under the joint supervision of the two partner universities.

The certificate awarded on completion of the study path consists in a double recognition: a Master’s degree from each of the two partner universities and an overall certificate from the consortium.

The three European universities which, with IULM, take part in the Hofstede Geert Consortium are: Metropolitan University (Leeds); Universitas Vilnensis (Vilnius); Hanze University Groningen.

The MIC trains international communications professionals who are capable of working in a multicultural context and of anticipating global changes. Experts and consultants in Corporate Communication, International Media Relations, Public Relations, Intercultural Relations and European Public Affairs.

Tuition Fee

Below you find an overview of the tuition fee for the September 2014 entrance.

Tuition fee per semester per combination of universities:

Hanze N/A € 4.500 € 4.500 € 3.333
LMU € 4.500 N/A € 4.500 € 3.333
IULM € 4.500 € 4.500 N/A € 3.333
VU € 3.333 € 3.333 € 3.333 N/A

It is possible to pay tuition per semester: 3 semesters = 3 instalments.

The amount of tuition depends on which combination of universities you prefer. For instance, if you wish to study at Vilnius University and IULM, tuition for the entire 3-semester programme is 10.000 Euros. If you prefer to study at Hanze UAS and Leeds Metropolitan University, tuition for the entire 3-semester programme is 13.500 Euros. The differences in tuition come from the fact that the costs to run study programmes differ per country.

Tuition for the entire 3-semester programme:

Hanze N/A € 13.500 € 13.500 € 10.000
LMU € 13.500 N/A € 13.500 € 10.000
IULM € 13.500 € 13.500 N/A € 10.000
VU € 10.000 € 10.000 € 10.000 N/A

The Master’s degree in Tourism Management offers you an English language pathway to exploit your talent, develop new management competencies and be successful in your application to tourism companies.

The Master’sdegree in Tourism Management (MTM), with limitednumbers and compulsoryattendance, features:

  • an international student mix that creates an extremely rich and challenging environment of multicultural learning;
  • teachers from the best research and learning centres in tourism management at international level (Cornell, USA; Purdue, USA; Queensland, Australia; Erasmus, Rotterdam – Netherlands; Grenoble, France; Wales, UK; Lugano, Switzerland) stimulate critical thinking on various tourism management models;
  • specialist courses held by professionals from the major companies in the sector (Intercontinental Hotels Group; Starwood Hotels & Resorts) who share with the group their best management practices;
  • involvement in teaching of 60 managers and business people from the sector, who ensure a multidisciplinary approach based on solid strategic competencies, company accounting, finance, organisation, communication and marketing;
  • 6-month placements, which give MTM alumni a path into the best companies in the sector.

An extremely innovative programme, divided into 6 modules (Basic Competence Building; General Management; Tourism Professionals; Destination Management; Business Plan; Placement), which allows the acquisition of 60 CFU/ECTS credits.

MTM is aimed at the best graduates from any discipline, in Italy or abroad, who wish to accelerate their professional development and work in hotel groups, cruise companies, airlines, congress and event management companies, tour operators, travel agency networks, public and private organisations for local tourist product promotion and development and consultancy companies specialising in tourism projects.


DURATION: FROM Jan 2015 to January 2016

Communication, Economics and Social Science for Innovative Managers and Administrators

Major study : Fashion Communication

Two year Master Degree

Tuition fee : 8.800 € per year

Starting : October

Teachinglanguage : English

Scientific Directors : Prof. P. Luigi Sacco, Prof. Corrado Poli

Teaching Coordinator : Prof. Corrado Poli

I Edition

Course objectives

Advanced training of managers of public and private administrations (local authorities, ministries, companies), specifically addressed to face environmental and urban problems from a social, economic, humanistic and communicational perspective. The aim of the Master is to fill the gap in the urban administrations dealingwith engineering and othertechnical and legal specializations.

Who is it for?

The course isaimed at graduate students, post-doctoral researchers and professionals who wish to specialize in urban management. The course is open to students and professionals motivated to achieve managerial professionalism in the management of cities in the areas of communication, cultural economics, urban planning, sociology, administration and information technology.


The internship will take place from the end of the course for at least of threemonths in the institutions, agencies and corporations in partnership. We also provide internships abroad and especially in the United States at or in collaboration with Johns Hopkins University.

Final Evaluation

Student assessment willtake place during classes and through a final oral exam based on the discussion of a written report. The final exam will be based on a report on theiractivity.,prepared during and after the internship.

Final examination

Report on the internshipactivity, with a final presentation and discussion with a committee of professors.

Tuition fee

EU Students : 5.500 € + Vat

Non-EU Students : 6.600 € + Vat

On the global market scene, an extremely innovative program, totally taught in English, a 10 months part time course which allows the acquisition of a specific and high profile training in the communication field, aimed at professionals who wish to rapidly advance their career in the international communication environment.

Executive Master in Mass Communication and Global Media

1st edition 2013/14 academic year - Languages used for teaching: English Prof. P. Luigi Sacco, Prof. Corrado Poli

Scientific Director : Prof. Giovanni Puglisi

Teaching coordinator : Dr. Mario Lubetkin

In partnershipwith :

Course objectives

The objective of the Executive Master in Mass Communication and Global Media is to provide a high profile specific training in international communication to professionals who want to capitalize their experience through a focused application of a managerial vision to the international constantly changing markets.

This specific study path of the Executive Master helps the creation of a network characterized by specialized figures through as lectures and specifically learning experiences aimed at creating and building professional relationships.

Target audience

The Executive Master in Mass Communication and Global Media is aimed at professionals with experience and/or professional consistency in the area of global communication and to graduates fromany discipline, in Italy or abroad. It is required excellent knowledge of English language and of a second foreign language.

Candidates will be evaluated strictly focusing on inclinations and personal attitudes and academic/work background.

Professional opportunities

This Executive Master course provides the necessary skills to build the following professional profiles:

  • International Advisor
  • International media relator
  • Media Analyst
  • International Press Office Operator
Academic programme

The study path, with a very high profile teaching body, both academically, from IULM University, and professionally, with officers directly coming from IPS, takes place over 10 months, on a part-time base, with classes during weekends, and features a combination of theoretical training and practical experience with laboratory activities and individual study sessions.

Teaching programme
  • Theories and Concepts in Media and Communications
  • Media and Globalization
  • Globalization, Conflict and Post-Totalitarianism
  • Media, Technology and Everyday Life
  • Gender and the Media Representation
  • Information, Communication and Knowledge Systems
  • Globalization and Democracy
  • Identity, Transnationalism and the Media
  • Globalization: Economy, Politics and Power
  • Contemporary Urbanism
  • Representation in the Age of Globalization
  • Global Media Industries
  • Multiculturalism, Nationalism and Citizenship
  • New Media Regulation
  • Representations, Institutions and Communities
  • International Media and the Global South
  • Contemporary Issues in Media and Communications Policy
  • Media and Communications Governance
  • Interpersonal Mediated Communication
  • The Urban Revolution
  • Convergence and Information Management

This Master course offers an interdisciplinary approach, with training activities divided into sections of lectures, case presentations, workshops and distance learning (telematics, at IULM University of Milan and at the Multi Media Center of the Food and Agriculture Organization - FAO).

There willbe intermediate evaluation tests and a final project work, based on a real case study, with a topic agreed in advance with the teachers.The studentis required to attend at least 80% of lessons.


At the end of the course, students will receive a Certificate of Executive Master of IULM University.


Tuition Fee :13.000 €

Non-EU Students : 15.600 €

An innovative course heldentirely in English to train “designers in the foodsector". Professionals able to blend planning and design skills with knowledge of marketing and communication, in one of the sectors where Italyis a point of reference for the entire world

1st level Master’sDegree in Food Design

Incollaboration with : Scuola Politecnica di Design

Teaching coordinator : Dr. Mario Lubetkin

In partnership with : Scuola Politecnica di Design

Course objectives

The aim of this Master’s course is to train professionals operating in the foodsector, and other connected sectors, who are able to blend competencies in marketing and communication with the sensitivity and methodology of design.

The role of the “food sector designer” has been created from the union of food and design. By gathering together new consumer trends they will be able to coordinate the design of :

  • The processes, methods and environments where food products are processed, distributed and consumed;
  • Food from an aesthetic, communicative and representative point of view through forms, colours and combinations of flavours and smells;
  • Tools and equipment for preparing and exploiting food;
  • Communication activities for the promotion of food products.

Thanks to this Master’s course it will be possible not only for recent graduates in design, marketing and nication, but also for product and communication managers to acquire the necessary competencies and knowledge needed in order to make an innovative contribution to a sector with high potential for development.

Who isit for?

Graduates holding degrees, under both the “nuovoordinamento” and “vecchioordinamento” systems, in human and social sciences: Urban Architecture and Design; Art, Music and Performing Arts; Economics; Philosophy; Arts; Psychology; Public Relations; Agricultural Sciences; Communication Sciences; Education Sciences; Political Sciences; Tourism Sciences; Human Sciences; Sociology; History.

The Master’s course isalso open to professionals with experience and/or relevant skills in the food and winesector or other related fields. Qualifications obtained abroad, even by non-Italian candidates, are valid to all intents and purposes on condition that they are evaluated by IULM University’s qualifications recognition body.


The teaching on the Master’s course consists in lectures, design workshops and conferences with leading figures from the world of food and agri-food: chefs, entrepreneurs, managers, journalists, foodcritics, designers and architects, publishers and manufacturers. The course will also include visits to food companies, retail outlets and concept stores, to places offering innovative forms of catering, and to important fairs and events (Salone del Gusto, Vinitaly, IdentitàGolose).

To complete the course internships willbe organised in companies, agencies and design studios operating in the foodsector. The Master’s course is carried out in collaboration with leading companies and associations in the food sector.

Tuition fee

TuitionFee :8.800 €

Non-EU Students : 10.560 €

The Master’s degree in Communication for international relations (MICRI) trains communications professionals with specific training leading to work opportunities in the international field, in public or private organisations.

Under the patronage of :


in collaboration with :


1st level University Master’s degree in Communication for international relations (MICRI) 9th edition 2014/2015 academic year

Director : Prof. Giovanni Puglisi

Teaching coordinator : Dr. Roberto Razeto

The MICRI Master’s degree is a 1st level post graduate master’s degree aimed at young graduates and communications professionals, and offers high quality training for work opportunities in the international field.

The study path, with a very high profile teaching body both academically and professionally, takes place over 12 months (annually) and features a combination of theoretical training and practical experience: six months of in-week formallessons with compulsory attendance, in Italian and English, laboratory activities and individual study sessions.

Following the class-based experience, and to complete the training cycle, students take part in a placement of 300 hours in an international company or organisation, in Italy or abroad.

The 9th edition of the MICRI will include a Study Tour in Washington DC and New York, Study Tour in Washington DC and New York, as a supporting part of the class-based studypath; its objective is to give the participants direct knowledge of some of the principal international organisations, thanks to visits and meetings with experts and international functionaries.

Download the program of the last Study Tour. (MICRI VII, May 2013)

With the Milan Master’s degree in Communication (MICRI) you willbecome an international communications professional! For a future in business or in commercial activities overseas, in journalism, diplomatic and consular representation or in the field of international organisation and cooperation.

For further details on the Master’s degree course, visit the MICRI Master’swebsite

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