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Domus Academy was founded in Milan in 1982 as the first postgraduate design school in Italy, and as an open project focusing on the Italian Design and Fashion experience. Throughout the years, DA also asserted its importance as a school, in the full meaning of the term: a place for postgraduate education and research lab investigating innovation and design topics. It is really a great opportunity to study in Domus Academy.

In December 2009 Domus Academy joined the Laureate International Universities Network, an international highlevel education network for art and design. The Academy offers 10 masters courses, attended by students from all over the world: Masters in Accessories Design, Masters in Business Design, Masters in Car Design, Masters in Design, Masters in Fashion Design, Masters in Interaction Design, Masters in Interior and Living Design, Masters in Urban Vision and Architectural Design, Masters in Fashion Management, Masters in Fashion Styling and Visual Merchandising, Masters in Service and Experience Design.


Domus Academy was founded in response to a paradox. For many decades, the Italian design industry had become a dominant international influence, producing the most interesting and sought after designs in the world. Yet, except for apprenticeships and mentoring that happened in the studios of individual designers, in Milan no one was teaching design in a formalized way.

There were no institutions specifically dedicated to design offering postgraduate courses.

In 1983, Maria Grazia Mazzocchi saw this as a tremendous opportunity to fill the design education void. So, along with Pierre Restany (one of the most important art critics of the 20th century), Alessandro Mendini, Valerio Castelli, Alessandro Guerriero andAndrea Branzi she founded Domus Academy. From the very beginning, Domus Academy was designed to be a unique institution. The founders envisioned a school where different cultures and experiences would meet and exchange, and where education and research would be closely integrated. They planned a center that would promote an open environment conducive to reflection and criticism, and that would bring together students and companies to pursue real-world projects on the most important aspects of contemporary life.


First and foremost, Domus Academy is a post-graduate school, offering one-year master courses in a wide variety of design specializations.

It has also always been an international school, open to students and teachers from all over the world. And right from the start, the school has attracted a highly diverse international enrollment. In addition to students from Italy, Domus Academy has drawn students from Japan, Korea and other Far East nations, from North and South America, Western and Eastern Europe, Australia and the Middle East. This rich international student diversity added a real richness to the school and spurred a dynamic exchange of ideas and a healthy intellectual confrontation that are still a hallmark of Domus Academy.

During the first years Domus Academy invited leading designers such as Sottsass, Mendini, Trini Castelli, Santachiara, Starck, Hosoe, Bellini, Castiglioni, Bonetto, Magistretti, Munari. The stream of ideas they brought with them was very fruitful in encouraging a collaboration between the designers who operated in the wellestablished product design field and those operating in the new design disciplines. In addition to the above-mentioned design leaders, Domus Academy invited more than five hundred visiting professors to hold lectures, and organised seminars in various countries. Strongly rooted in Italy, Domus Academy works in an international perspective, in order to enrich, spread and update the design culture. Domus Academy is a real point of connection between design, fashion and management culture. Study in Domus Academy for a better career.

Domus Academy and Laureate

Domus Academy joined the Laureate International Universities network in 2009. Laureate is a trusted global leader in providing access to high-quality, innovative institutions of higher education.

The Laureate International Universities network includes more than 55 accredited campus-based and online universities in 25 countries throughout North America, Latin America, Europe, Northern Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Laureate universities offer more than 130 undergraduate, master’s and doctoral degree programs in fields including architecture, art, business, culinary arts, design, education, engineering, health sciences, hospitality management, information technology, law and medicine.

President William J. Clinton, 42nd President of the United States, serves as honorary chancellor of the Laureate International Universities network, a role in which he offers advice on social responsibility, youth leadership and increasing access to higher education.

The Laureate International Universities network serves more than 600,000 students worldwide. But our community includes more than the students we serve; it also includes faculty, alumni, families, and the employers who hire our graduates. In this way, Laureate International Universities makes a positive difference in communities around the world. Study in Domus Academy as our success is measured by the fact that when our students succeed, countries prosper and societies benefit.

Awards AND Recognitions


The Domus Academy approach has received the highest accolades from third-party authorities.

In 1994, Domus Academy received the Compasso d’Oro award by the ADI, Associazione Disegno Industriale (Industrial Design Association).

In 2009, Domus Academy was nominated for the third time by BusinessWeek magazine as one of the best schools of design in the world.

In 2012, Domus Academy was selected by Frame and included in the Masterclass Frame Guide to the 30 World’s Leading Graduate Design Schools , as well as by Domus Magazine as one of Europe’s Top 100 schools of Architecture and Design.

Students from Domus Academy have been awarded in international contests like ITS, Next Generation/ Milan Fashion Week, Vogue Talents, Who’s on Next, Red Dot Award, Samsung Young Design Award and Wallpaper Design Award .

Domus Academy projects have also been exhibited in the Venice Architectural Biennial and at the Centre Pompidou, Paris.


After successful completion of this program, students will be awarded with a Domus Academy Master Diploma.

Domus Academy Master Programs are awarded by NABA Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti Milano. Participants who are eligible according to NABA requirements will receive an Academic Master, recognised by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research, from NABA (60 ECTS).

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