Modartech is a recognised School of Excellence which offers training courses in fields of Fashion Design, Styling, CAD styling and design for we aringapparel and foot wear, as well as Graphics and Web Design.

It is a college thathasalwaysbeenrenowned for its closeties with the business world to guarantee a form of training where the main target is to facilitate the integration of its students into the real work market. Infact the institute is surrounded by the major industries of fashion , shoe and accessories who work for major Italian brands.

Strong Points

  • Creativity, practice and technology
  • Creativity combined with Hands-on experience
  • Closed number per class
  • Focused to offer to the industry , relevant professionals most in demand in the work market.
  • The only target  -integration of its students into real work field. Employment in percentage : 90% at the completion of study.
  • Institute where there are more demand from industries for students an dtherefor the requests from industries out number the students.


Modartech was born in 1975 under the name Fashion Art Studio in Pontedera, Tuscany. A place surrounded by Fashion industries. It was the first private school of clothing in Tuscany.

The training method comprises of technology on traditional craftsmanship, build up on each element that has characterized the growth of fashion from 1970 to the present. This has enriched the know-how of the Institute making it a cultural and technical heritage to explored at the disposal of students.


Modartech introduced teaching and training methods to prepare students in line with the requests from companies in the industry Textile - Apparel.

Since that moment, the companies see the school as a point of reference for finding best qualified personnel and began inserting into the industries the graduates of the school . The students were initially employed in comapnies in the provinces of Pisa, Florence and Lucca.


A competition under the name "Modart" was introduced to bring into limelight, young stylists and designers into the world of work. This was a completely original formula. The regulation and organization of the competition were developed by the school and it got so much success to dominate the summers of the territory for 10 years and replicated by other structures in the same way in all parts of Italy.

The Region of Tuscany accredits the first courses in modeling and design of clothing of the school making it one of the protagonists of the educational landscape Regional.

To diversify the provision of training and education to develop integrated projects between schools and companies financed by the ESF, was born as a star-up the training agency Urban Era.

The institute also developed new areas related to the fashion industry as the Multimedia and Marketing, new technologies Cad and Footwear industry.


The institute was officially established through the participation of the Municipality of Pontedera and some sponsoring companies. Modartech combines all the history and current areas of intervention, such as fashion, modeling, craftsmanship, art, technique and technology.

Modartech opened a Marketing Department by increasing investment in communication and the institute was recognized by Multinational Lectra Systemsas a Privilege Partner along with 15 other institutions around the world.


The Institute Modartech opened to new partnerships with companies and institutions to develop innovative research projects and training and collaborated on various initiatives on fashion trends and methodologies combined school and work and internships.

The Institute Modartech continues development at the international level creating partnerships with educational institutions and foreign companies to facilitate the exchange of students and new agreements to provide the tools and the latest technology for training which is always in line with the needs of the business system.

Ultimately the Institute Modartech is an extra ordinary school, where students are taught in the modern way the ancient art.

Istituto Modartech

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