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The School

There are always things that you can discover, rethink, transform. In Milan, the capital of design, SPD organises annual Master’s courses. With over 50 years of experience in the field, these courses range from product design to interior design, from communication to multimedia. Didactics is personalised, in a human sized environment promoting easy contact with the faculty and the staff.

The study programs have a strong orientation towards real projects, keeping in close contact with companies and professionals. Choose SPD for studying interior design in Italy.

Since 1954 this school has worked with Italian design, seen it grow and develop into what we know it as today. The artist Nino di Salvatore set up SPD in 1954. As a painter and sculpturer, he has captivated and brought together artists, designers, professionals and students from across five different continents. Bruno Munari, Gio Ponti, Max Huber, Pino Tovaglia, Isao Hosoe have all taught at SPD. Guests at the school include Achille Castiglioni, Rodolfo Bonetto, Roberto Sambonet, Donald Norman and Tomato. Today, working along side our young designers, experimenting with real projects and designs, training new talent are Piero Lissoni, Stefano Giovannoni, Denis Santachiara, Andrea Branzi.

Hands On Education

The ‘Work’ projects are a key tool in the learning process and one of the main experiences at SPD. Working alongside companies is an integrated part of the training. Students are pushed to perform at their best, producing concrete designs. These research projects test student’s capability to perform, to achieve through methods like briefing, concept and finally presentation of a project.

The results are a higher standard of learning. This model prepares students to be able to give a direct contribution to the companies. To study interior design in Italy is a unique opportunity to bring qualified resources closer to a real work situation.



In direct association with ‘Centro Stile Alfa Romeo’ a project focussing on sports lovers of the city.
Particular attention is paid to the restyling of the Alfa 147, which is one of the most important models produced by Alfa Romeo.
Master Transportation Design 02-03.
Co-ordinated by: Marco Bonetto


The latest collaboration proposes two themes. Imagine light systems based only on LED lighting! Plan a section of Artemide’s website searching the web for emotions and the latest light technology.
Master in Industrial Design 02-03, Master in Web Design 05-06.
Co-ordinated by: Paolo Orlandini and Roberto Lucci; Matteo Abbà and Andy Scupelli


It is the second year of collaboration with the Audi Group - the brand name of the four circles and its cleverest concept, the ‘Avant’. It is design, lifestyle, elegance and sporty all rolled into one. Think ahead. Invent new solutions for the ‘Avant’ for 2015. This is the task set by Walter de’ Silva for SPD’s students.
Master Transportation Design 05-06.
Co-ordinated by: Marco Bonetto


Design in action for Dainese. It’s the leading company for production of helmets and devices for safety on two wheels. SPD’s graphic artists invented the corporate identity of ‘Yes’, the youngest and trendiest brand name from the Dainese group.
Master Visual Design 02-03.
Co-ordinated by: Elio Carmi


Compete with one of the unequivocal design icons of all times. Gebrüder Thonet Vienna, over two centuries has produced unique pieces which are revolutionary in their design and yet affordable to all, like the chair ‘14’. They are offering SPD the opportunity to design a new chair in curved wood.
Master Industrial Design 05-06.
Co-ordinated by: Riccardo Blumer


Ikea is a household name. Its products are used everywhere to diversify living spaces, encompassing all walks of life: from shelter houses to hotels, gardens to churches. The project is to challenge the idea that everything is the same for everyone.
Master Interior Design 03-04.
Co-ordinated by: Cristiana Vannini and Paolo Cesaretti


Marcello Gandini’s undeniable masterpiece ‘Espada’ together with Bertone’s bodywork design reverberate in the work of twenty young designers. Luc Donckerwolke the design Director at Lamborghini and Walter De’ Silva, Head of Design Audi brand group were both presented with the concept and are both actively involved in the preparation of the learning materials.
Master Transportation Design 04-05.
Co-ordinated by: Marco Bonetto


The most important environmental group in Italy has given the project to redesign its famous logo of the swan plus the campaign online/offline for the International Year of Water.
Master Visual and Web Design 02-03.
Co-ordinated by: Dario Villa, Luca Fiammenghi, Susanna Guarnerio, Andy Scupelli


A long standing relationship with this company has brought the first two awards from SMAU for Industrial Design. The research explores new forms of technological intelligence in everyday objects such as software and computers, stock exchanges/bags and the environment.
Master Web Design 00-01, Master Industrial Design 01-02, 02-03, 03-04.
Co-ordinated by: Piero Lissoni, Sergio Salvi, Denis Santachiara


Technology flies. In collaboration with Microsoft, this project focuses on travel solutions: portable blogs for the urban trekker, blow-up bags which protect your computer, the RFID backpack and the cabin-size suitcase which is recharged with technology to name but a few.
Master Industrial Design 04-05.
Co-ordinated by: Denis Santachiara


A new icon in outdoor living. Serralunga has proposed research into creative interpretation of the vase. Rethink the use of the vase or its contamination from other objects. From this challenge we have the idea of flower beds which become a seat and even a lounge chair which integrates plants and flowers to envelope you in nature for total relaxation.
Master Industrial Design 03-04.
Co-ordinated by: Luisa Bocchietto

Recent collaborations

Bastard, Beiersdorf, Nivea, The National Library of Braidense – Mediateca of Santa Teresa, Ermenegildo Zegna, Fiat, Filmaster Group, Poltrona Frau Group, Heineken, Irsap, The National Museum of Science and Technology of Milan, Natuzzi, Nava Design, Palazzetti, Quiksilver, The Triennale of Milan, Yamaha, Vertical Vision

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