Student Testimonial

New Delhi

Marukh Budhraja, New Delhi

( MA Fashion and Luxury Brand Management, Istituto Marangoni, Milan )

I chanced upon Maitri one evening while trying to figure out my admission process for Italy and happened to leave a query on their website. That was when I got a call from George who from then on, was my guide into doing a masters in fashion. He took time and patiently explained what college and course would work best for me and then facilitated my admission with great ease. But unlike most other such consultancies, their work did not end when my admission letter reached me. In fact, it was like it had just begun, George kept in touch with me helping me with everything from helping me look for accommodation to sending me an Italian sim card and even picking me up from the airport and helping me settle down into my apartment. Maitri is different because they continue to help and guide their students much after the admission process is taken care of. Kudos!

New Delhi

Vivek Gupta, New Delhi

( Master in Interior & Living Design, Domus Academy Milan )

I got to know about Maitri Global Education Services through a friend who was extremely satisfied with their services. From preparing the application to reaching my accommodation in Milan, Maitri Global Education has helped me in every way possible thus making this entire process a cake walk for me.

New Delhi

Devanshi Monga, New Delhi

( Fashion Design (UG), POLIMODA )

As an international student coming to a country where you don't know anybody is hard. Maitri Global has made the whole experience much easier by providing a lot of help over the past one year. Your assistance regarding visa facilities, documentation, housing options and everything else is highly appreciated, thanks to you ability to swiftly build and assimilate data and information about things. Your services from the start have been exemplary and on a professional, knowledgeable, yet friendly level exceeds all other agencies I have dealt with. Your dedication to your clients is superb ! I would recommend Maitri Global to all my friends. So many agencies now have poor customer service, it is refreshing to find an agency that cares. Nothing ever seems to be too much trouble for you, never feeling that I'm just one of your many clients that you and your office have to deal with everyday. It was pretty hard to even go around the city when I didn't know the language. Your help over the past one year has certainly made it easier and is much appreciated. Thank you so much. I do wish you all the success.

Vancouver, Canada

Nistara Grewal, Vancouver, Canada

( Fashion Design (UG), POLIMODA )

The two main representatives of Maitri Global Education (George and Abraham) have been very helpful throughout the procedure of the school application (for Polimoda), finding accommodation (in Florence) as well as with legal matters once already in the country. They have made the entire process of moving into a new cultural where one doesn't understand the language, much easier than it would've been had I done it by myself. It gave my parents some peace of mind knowing that incase of an emergency or any other problem, that there would be someone there to help me out, as I didn't know anyone here in Florence before moving to Italy.They go above and beyond their call of duty, and I am truly grateful for all the help I have received from them. They are genuinely devoted towards making one's transit and stay into a new society more than comfortable

Chennai, India

Sai Krishnan Rajeev, Chennai, India

( Master in Advanced Fashion Design, POLIMODA )

Maitri has made my admission process and stay very comfortable,i felt one thing in particular that is , they are always there to help you with out boundaries . My Legal activities,italian classes,geographical informations every process went on smooth through them. I would with my full heart recommend Maitri for any students coming to Italy for studies and when you arrive here you will realize Maitri is one of the best decisions you have made

New York, USA

Jade Younger, New York, USA

( Master in Fashion Trend Forecasting, POLIMODA )

Moving across the world alone can be really intimidating, but Maitri made it seem like no big deal. Applying through them was the best thing I have done for myself. By the time my desired school finally responded to my application request, I was already admitted and had an apartment arranged through this agency. They have continued to help me during my time in Italy. I would recommend this service to anyone.

Kolkata, India

Indrakshi Pattanaik, Kolkata, India

( Fashion Stylist, Polimoda International Institute of fashion design & marketing )

I am from Calcutta, India, and studying Masters in Fashion Stylist in POLIMODA. I am so pleased with this choice of college, and I would specially like to thank you Maitri Global for being so supportive and helping me get here after all the planning and advising. From the initial application processes, to my questions, sending me packages all the way to India whenever I needed them, to picking me up from the airport, to handling all my legal documents after arriving here, you've been there and always been a great help! Coming to Italy can be tough in the beginning because of the whole new lifestyle and language, but for me it felt secure and safe to know there is Maitri to take care of me in times when I need them. I am grateful to Maitri for being so kind and making sure I get what I needed always. They have been very sincere, and attentive, and its been wonderful knowing them! Definitely the best choice for any student from India, when applying Italy! Grazie!

Kerala, India

Haris Hameed, Kerala, India

( Master in Advanced Fashion Design, Polimoda International Institute of fashion design and marketing. )

“I am Haris Hameed From Kerala-India. My dream comes true, Currently I am studying Master in Advanced fashion designing at POLIMODA Italy (2012-13). I got admission in POLIMODA through Maitri Global Education. I really worked hard to get admission until I approached Maitri global education. Thereafter everything was smooth and Perfect. Maitri did the job wonderfully, Their work was spot on, always delivered ahead of time. and they continue to do so.. From my heart I highly recommend Maitri to every student who wish to get in to the world of creativity and fashion in Italy, Because I have experienced the feel of high quality service. On the other Hand, I use this space to convey my thanks and regards to Maitri for giving me good care, advice and support etc as like my own parents. Thank you so much..All the best.” A Polimoda student

Chennai, India

Yaamini Premkumar, Chennai, India

( Master in Interior & Living Design, Domus Academy, Milan )

Hi, I am Yaamini Premkumar from Chennai, India currently doing my Masters in Interior and living design at Domus Academy, Milan. Maitri Global Education has been a great support in the admission process. I practically just prepared the necessary documents and sent it to them and since then they have handled every miniature detail in getting into Domus. They take a personal interest in students from advising in how to prepare the portfolio and resume till helping with accommodation and settling into the college life. Thanks to their encouragement and support I an surviving quite well here and also enjoying a very refreshing course. I also take this opportunity to wish you guys great success in this service as you people are doing a tremendous and lucrative job in helping students from across the world and creating life changing experiences A million thanks for making my dreams come true!!!!

Chandigarh, India

Arushi Sharma, Chandigarh, India

( Master in Luxury & Lifestyle Management, Polimoda, Florence, Italy )

Maitri global Education was a big support during my admission procedure. From choosing the course and the college to calming my nerves before the entrance exam they were extremely calm, patient and helpful. They were available for any query during the procedures. George and Abraham were there to receive me on the airport and were extremely helpful from finding an apartment to getting me a bus pass. They are still available on one phone call incase I need them, Maitri Global is like family in Florence

Mumbai, India

Sagarikaa, Mumbai, India

( Masters in Fashion Styling, Polimoda, Florence, Italy )

I am Sagarikaa from Mumbai, India and currently pursuing my masters in fashion styling at Polimoda, Florence. Leaving everything behind and coming to a new place is as difficult as it sounds, but i was warmly welcomed and made to feel at home by maitri global. They helped me out with everything, from a pick up at the airport, to my legal documents and even drove me to the apple store when i urgently needed to fix my laptop. They have given me a lot of their time and support and i see them do the same for the other students as well. I highly recommend maitri global to students who wish to study in Italy! Grazie!

Bangalore, India

Prerana Prathap, Bangalore, India

( Interior Design , SPD Milan )

Maitri global Education helped me with admissions to SPD Milan and everything was taken care of by them. I thought that the process of coming to Italy for studies would be pretty tough (not as tough as the US but still) but thanks to Maitri global Education the process was made easy and stress free. They helped me even with getting a telephone number before I came here so my family could contact me as soon as I landed here. They helped me in filling up my permit to stay forms which would have been impossible because there was no one I knew who could help me out and I did not understand Italian. MGE keep checking up with me to see if I had any problems with the classes or administration. They also made sure that I received my visa documents on time. I thank Maitri global Education for all their help in making my stay in Italy as comfortable as possible.

Bangalore, India

Eekshitha Prasad, Bangalore, India

( Master in Luxury & Lifestyle Management , Polimoda, Florence )

I am from Bangalore, India and currently pursuing my Masters in Luxury Management at POLIMODA, Florence.Studying overseas can be quite daunting, and the paper work is all the more stressful. However, Maitri Global Education was there to assist me through and through. From the application process, to accommodation - which was all set before I left India, to receiving me at the airport and doing my legal documentation once I got here, they have been very helpful with everything I required. They have always answered all my queries and assisted me diligently with each one of them, however big or small they were - like getting my phone connection, setting up a bank account in Italy, looking for Italian lessons, or just simply about the city itself. I definitely recommend Maitri Global Education to students from all parts of the globe especially India, keen on studying in Italy. Thanks to Maitri for making my experience in Florence safe and stress-free!

Kolkatta, India

Shipra Bagui, Kolkatta, India

( Fashion Business & Brand Management Intensive, Istituto Marangoni, Milan )

I am Shipra Bagui, from Kolkatta India. I would like to express my deep gratitude to Maitri Global Education who helped me to take the right step forward to my career which is very most important to my life. Maitri global Education helped me in each possible way they could and also fullfilled my dream to study abroad in a prestigious school like istituto marangoni. I am really very thankful to the persons who were(George and Abraham) with me till I reached my destination and this was the best thing for anyone who is coming to stay in a unknown place. Once again thanks a million and I highly recommend the attentive assistance of MAITRI GLOBAL EDUCATION to all future students who are aspiring to study design courses abroad. Best regards!

Mumbai, India

Sonal Nagotanekar, Mumbai, India

( Master in Accessories Design, Domus Academy , Milan. )

I am Sonal Nagotanekar from Mumbai. I am pursuing my Masters course in Accessory Design at Domus Academy, Milan. Maitri Global Education has been a major support in the decision making for my abroad studies and University selection. They were precise, quick and professional in answering all my queries. They have generously guided and counselled me about the admission process (IELTS Exams, DOV Certificate), scholarships, loan procedures, accommodation and academics. Maitri Global Education have the best support, contacts and represent the best ranked universities in Italy. Don’t hesitate to approach them and avail their valuable services as they will definitely make a difference in your future career. I am grateful to Maitri Global Education and wish them ALL THE BEST!!