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Maitri Global Education invites you to join live DESIGN TALK by Silvia Simoncelli, Head of Education Rome

Date: 19th Feb, 2021 Friday

Time: 9:30 AM IST, 2:00 PM CET

Theme of the talk: Contemporary Classics: studying visual arts in Milan and Rome

Contemporary Art is an expanding and transformed field. It is not just a single discipline, but, rather, a methodology that enables interdisciplinary and cross-cultural approaches, beginning with an in-depth investigation into the aesthetic, social and economic contexts, opening up to the new challenges of the future.

Milan and Rome are the two capitals of Italy’s world-famous design, art, and fashion scene. What opportunities these cities can offer to NABA students?

How Milan and Rome environments can influence the experience of NABA Visual Arts students?

Discover more about NABA Visual Arts Department with Silvia Simoncelli, Head of Education at Rome campus.

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