Maitri global education was founded and registered in Florence in the year 2008. It consists of a team of experts for guiding students in choosing higher education abroad.

Why Maitri Global?

  • MGE guides the student in discerning and decision making, in the selection of the course and institution
  • Admission process is taken care of by a dedicated staff.
  • The student is followed up given the right guidance in visa process and other paper works. MGE intervenes in the case of a VISA problem or other paper work difficulties.
  • MGE provides the following ground services:
    • Complete presence throughout the time of study.
    • Guidance in time of need during the stay.
    • A constant link between parents , students and the institution.
    • Pick up at the airport.
    • Accommodation.
    • Residence permit.
    • Fiscal code.
    • Bank account.
    • Information for student pass.
    • Support for medical assistance.
    • Assistance in time of internships and placements.
    • A student advisor in need.
    • Above all, a home away from home.