Upon Arrival

Pick up at the airport

Maitri Global Education staff will be at the airport to welcome you into the new place . Our staff will make you feel comfortable and take you to the housing facility. This service mostly free and at times this can be charged. If charged, it will be a fair charge to meet our extraordinary expenses for the pickup. If the pickup is charged , it will be communicated to you in advance.

Resident permit & Fiscal Card

Once the you have reached the place, within 8 days you will have to apply for a resident permit. For this, our staff or in, some cases the institute itself assist you to submit the documents in the nearest immigration office.

Bank account

Maitri Global Education extends you the complete assistance required to open a bank account.

Language classes

Every admitted student will be advised by the MGE staff to take up a language course (one /two months) prior to the start of the classes. This is to give you to learn the language, familiarize with the locality and the institute where you are going to study and, above all a confidence of knowing the place and creating networks before the start of the real course. This in addition, gives the student a good start and more possibility for internships and placement chances at the end of the course.

Many times the resolution to learn the language during the course becomes difficult as the intensity of the course consumes the time at disposal.

* The services are fully available in Italy & Maldova