ARS Sutoria

Ars Sutoria School has been organising courses in the field of shoes and bags since 1947.

At that time courses were organised only in Italy and they were intended to train footwear pattern makers of the factories located in the area of Milan. In 1965 the school moved the classes to the building where we still organise courses. The building is located close to the center town of Milan and it isequipped with both classes and a school dormitory for the accomodation of the students.



The institute believes that it is important to keep the courses focused on products. Along the years the core courses have always been the technical classes. Today the organize design and marketing classes too but the school strongly believes that everything starts from a deep knowledge of materials and components, of technical constructions, manufacturing and engineering techniques.

“Shoes are not bags” is another fundamental value in our training offer. Here at Ars Sutoria School courses in the field of shoes and bags are separate curriculums!


Most of the teachers come from Italy but not only. The institute welcomes professionals from all over the world and the same for students. Apart from italian students here you will find participants from United States, from all Europe, from Latin America and from Far East.

Reasons for choosing Ars Sutoria are :
  • The focus on the technical development of shoes and bags which is a fundamental background for those that work in this fields
  • Courses are short term (maximum 15 weeks) full time intensive
  • environment is international and language spoken is english
  • students do not need a specific background to attend classes even if courses are masters level

Shoe Design Courses

Bag Design Courses

One Week Courses

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