About Glion

A world of opportunities
Founded in 1962, we are firmly established among the world’s finest education institutions specializing in hospitality and luxury management. We offer applied business education, combining academic rigor, hands-on practical skills and professional internships – all with a focus on developing the soft skills that are a prerequisite in the modern global economy. At Glion, we offer Swiss quality education on an international scale. It means every part of your Master’s program and student life will be geared towards your future career success. Every day on campus, you will be immersed in a professional setting in the company of students, faculty and industry leaders from around the world. Your chosen program will include a bespoke field trip to an exciting international destination. And as a Master’s graduate, with the power of the Glion name on your CV, you will be free to choose your location and direction at the top of the world’s fastest-growing industries.

Glion Emma Vicini, Italy