Ifa Paris


International Fashion Academy, better known as IFA Paris, offers students undergraduate courses in design and marketing, and postgraduate courses in business, communication and luxury in an environment of multidisciplinary collaboration.

With more than 1,000 students located in Paris and Shanghai, IFA Paris is at the forefront of fashion and luxury education and offers courses that reflect the breadth of opportunity available in this vibrant industry.

IFA Paris is committed to providing aspiring professionals with the skills and attitude necessary to become leaders in international fashion and luxury companies.

In order to reach our mission IFA Paris offers its students:

  • Innovative and rigorous courses that integrate theory and practice.
  • A faculty with outstanding related experiences.
  • The opportunity to study in Paris and/or Shanghai and in some courses, in Florence, Italy, or online.
  • Relevant industry projects, guest lectures, and internships.
  • A Placement Office to assist alumni with career growth and job opportunities.


Rigueur and Creativité : These two French words stand for Rigor and Creativity, which are fundamental and essential qualities of any fashion professionals.

About the Colors : Blue-Truth and loyalty, Golden yellow- Elevation of the mind and generosity, Red- Warrior, strength and magnanimity

About the symbols :

  • The open book symbolizes the learning process and the academia.
  • The column plays the part as strength of mind that enables one to endure adversity with courage.
  • The Inkhorn is associated to the academia and particularly the art of writing.
  • The Oak with Acorns stands for a long life learning and personal growth.
  • Success in education is represented by the Laurel.
  • The shield and flag can be seen in many other traditional French blazon. They remind ifa the good values and traditions of France.
  • The shield party per fess division (red half with book) tells the truth that more strength is placed in the learning process and it takes precedence over anything else.

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Master Courses

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