The Lorenzo de' Medici School (Italian: Scuola Lorenzo de' Medici), also known as LdM is a private institution of higher education in located in Florence, Italy with smaller campuses in Tuscania, Rome, and Venice. LdM has been a study abroad providerto students from all over the world since 1973, and began primarily as an Italian language institute. More than 2500 students attend LdM campuses every year. LdM specializes in the arts, such as studio arts, fine arts, liberal arts, and language studies. All courses are conducted in English with courses available in Italian for students who are proficient. All coursework taken at LdM allows students to earn credit towards their US and non-US degrees.

Ldm Accreditation

LdM is registered and authorized in Italy by the Ministry of Education, University and Research (decree dated December 2, 1989), to operate schools in Florence (Prot.n.: 3768/C.20), Rome (Prot.n.: 316) and Tuscania (Prot.n.: 1013/P). (Ministero dell'Istruzione, dell'Università e della Ricerca [MIUR]/ Lorenzo de'Medici has been approved by the US Middle States Commission on Higher Education as a Branch Campus of Marist College, with particular note on the quality of LdM facilities and academic environment.

Courses & Course Requirements

The Certificate Programs are designed to offer programs to provide specific skills in a range of areas, giving students a strong theoretical base on which to develop their practical work.

Certificate Programs Offered

  • Fashion Design
  • Fine Arts
  • Graphic Design
  • Jewellery Design
  • Interior Design
  • Restoration and conservation

Certificate Programs

The Certificate Programs offer two study options: the Study Certificate and the Professional Study Certificate. Students can combine the Study Certificate and the Professional Study Certificate or apply to either one according to their experience and education levels.

Study Certificates

Study Certificates offer a comprehensive course structure addressing students' own professional goals. The class selection has been pre-planned in order to allow students to follow the most appropriate course sequence in the area of study that they wish to pursue.

Duration : One or two year basis

Starting time : Fall or Spring semesters. Students may also enrol on a single semester basis.

Notes :

Beginning students must enrol in the first semester of the first year course sequence. Students with prior knowledge of the selected field of study may be admitted to the second semester, but only after submitting a portfolio of their work to be assessed and approved.

Professional Study Certificates

Professional Study Certificates are designed for students who have a solid background in the areas of Fashion Design, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Jewellery Design, Restoration and Conservation, Film Production and Theatre.

The Restoration and Conservation program offers practical field work in conjunction with the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, thus allowing students to actively participate in the restoration of authentic artwork. Other Professional Study Certificates give students the opportunity to work individually and collaboratively on professional projects guided by industry insiders.

Requisites :

Students applying for the Professional Study Certificate Program must provide evidence of their background in the selected area. An admissions committee at LDM will review the application and accept only those students who meet the entry requirements. All courses, except Italian language, are taught in English.

Attendance is a mandatory requirement. The School requires students enrolled in Certificate Programs to take one Italian language course per semester.

Certificate Courses

Professional Certificate Courses

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