Developments in our society follow the rhythm of technological progress, between the cornerstones of globalization and mediatization. MHMK, Macromedia University for Media and Communication, follows these developments in its capacity as a university, and conceives itself as a place for reflecting on all aspects of media society. The courses of study cover the broad spectrum of modern media careers, from management, and content jobs such as journalism, to the creative fields of design, gaming, and film and television The teaching is pointed towards the core idea of training students to the highest level professionally, but also giving them individual support in their personal development. With over 80 professors and over 2000 students in all five media centers of Munich, Stuttgart, Cologne, Hamburg, Berlin and Milan, the University trains the next generation of media talent for an international media society.

MHMK has state accreditation from the Bayerisches Staatsministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kunst (Bavarian State Ministry of Sciences, Research and the Arts), and is also accredited in locations across Germany: Baden-Württemberg, North Rhine-Westphalia, Hamburg and Berlin. The Graduates of MHMK receive a Bavarian university degree. All courses of study are tested and certified by the accreditation agencies FIBAA or Acquin.

The International Dimension:
MHMK trains personalities who can operate in a global market and work in transnational and transcultural projects. The international orientation is therefore promoted on two levels: through intercultural exchange and projects in teaching and research. International projects and case studies encountered by students as they study show how global standards become established on a regional level. A TV format, for example, or a video game, work differently in Japan than in Germany. The students supplement these experiences by spending time overseas during their studies or their practical semester, in order to gain ‘tacit knowledge’ on the ground, at a partner institution or in an overseas business. As an international university, in keeping with the core idea of the ‘5-continent university’, we maintain a close network of renowned partner universities worldwide.In the five Bachelor’s programmes, Film and Television, Journalism, Media Management, Media and Communication Design and Management, the university offers vocational qualifications in a total of more than twenty fields of study. These cover the whole spectrum of media. We also offer several courses of study taught entirely in English: the B.A. programs of Media and Communication Management, Media Design, Design Management, International Management, Retail Services, Marketing Management.

Theory & practice:
In order to offer students a close interlinking of theory and practice, the university has appointed scholars and experts from media businesses, universities and communications agencies to fill its professorships (which number over 80). The non-professorial academic staff is also under constant development and expansion. In the different courses of studies, students receive highly individualized support as they acquire theoretical subject knowledge and develop their social and creative personalities.

The University History:
MHMK operated under the name Macromedia Fachhochschule der Medien (MFM, Macromedia University of Applied Sciences for Media) until September 2008. This in turn had its origins in the Macromedia Akademie, a specialist in media-related basic and advanced training with 15 years of experience (ten of those years in the area of university study) and more than 20,000 course graduates. The university’s trustee company, Macromedia GmbH, was founded in 1993.


Bachelor programmes:

  • Media and Communication Management B.A
  • Media and Design B.A
  • International Management B.A
  • Retail Services B.A
  • Design Management B.A
  • Marketing Management B.A

Master programmes:

  • Media and Communication Management M.A
  • Media and Design M.A
  • Journalism M.A

Bachelor Programmes

Master Programmes

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