New School Of Architecture & Design

Located in the design district of Downtown San Diego, NewSchool of Architecture & Design, a globally recognized and awarded design university, is known for its forward-thinking professors, an inspiring campus community and top industry connections and collaboration opportunities. NewSchool students are innovative designers who are passionate about pursuing exciting careers in the fields of Design, Architecture and Digital Arts. From the first day of class, students explore and break through creative boundaries, while hands-on experiences provide the foundation and tools necessary to grow and succeed as a designer.


In 1980, the late Richard Welsh founded NewSchool of Architecture in a small industrial building in Chula Vista, California. Welsh had a vision: a superb professional education program that culminated with the Bachelor of Architecture degree.

Change and growth came quickly. In 1988, NewSchool of Architecture relocated to central downtown San Diego and, in 1989, Bislin Education Corp. (a wholly owned subsidiary of Futures in Education, Inc.) purchased the school. Soon after, more architecture degree programs were added: the Associate of Arts, the Master of Architecture, and the Master of Science in Architecture. In 2001, ForeFront Education, Inc., acquired the school and changed its name to NewSchool of Architecture & Design.

From its earliest days, NewSchool offered an evening class structure to accommodate a large number of working students. In 1991, the year NewSchool was institutionally accredited, students became eligible for federal financial aid programs. There became less fiscal need for evening classes—but by this time a tradition had been established. Many mid-career professionals interested in changing vocations were attracted to the afternoon and evening schedules available for NewSchool’s architecture degree programs, which remain a top draw today.

In July 2008, NewSchool was acquired by Laureate Education, Inc., a global network of more than 80 accredited campus-based and online universities offering undergraduate and graduate degree programs to more than 1,000,000 students around the world. NewSchool’s highly regarded architecture and design programs complement Laureate’s global network of higher education institutions.

By carrying on the proud tradition of Richard Welsh, the professional faculty at NewSchool have developed degree programs in architecture and other rewarding fields, giving you the opportunity to grow creativity and professionally.

Throughout Laureate’s history, we have remained true to the compass that guides us – our mission to make higher education accessible and affordable so our students can pursue their dreams. Discover the stories of Laureate students and alumni who are building powerful solutions to some of the biggest challenges facing their countries, and the world.

Global Connectivity

NewSchool is a member of the Laureate International Universities network – a global network of more than 80 campus-based and online universities in 28 countries. Through this network, students at NewSchool are prepared to work in a global and diverse work environment through the school’s collaborations with sister institutions in the Laureate network, including award-winning schools such as Domus Academy in Milan, Italy and Media Design School in Auckland, New Zealand. Through this network, NewSchool is able to provide students with direct access and exposureto top creative talent and industry leaders from around the globe.

Students participate in and experience a truly global classroom environment with unique study abroad programs, a diverse international student body, cross-location collaborations, flexible online learning, and world-renowned guest lecturers.

NewSchool’s student body is rich in diversity. In 2015, more than 100 international students from 26 countries joined the NewSchool Community, including students from: Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Italy, Kuwait, Chile, Spain, Peru, India, Brazil, Russia, Iran, Turkey, China, Japan, Iceland, Iraq, South Africa, Venezuela, Vietnam, United Arab Emirates, Australia, United Kingdom, South Korea, Libya and Romania.

Industry Partnerships & Career Development

At NewSchool, faculty and staff are committed to the success of students both during and after their formal education. Strong industry connections, collaborations and cutting edge design education is a part of the classroom instruction each day, as well as real-world, skills-based instruction that prepares students for employment and successful careers following graduation. New School is proud of its 93% job placement rate for graduating students.

New School’s global university network provides students with access to some of the world’s most influential companies including Gensler, URS, Jonathan Segal Architects, Delawie Wilkes Rodriquez Barker, and Bjarke Ingels Group.

Academic Excellence

At NewSchool, our faculty and students have the dedication and drive to achieve great things in their education, local communities and in their careers. Our students have won numerous local, regional and national competitions. Curious and innovative, our students are continuously striving to gain the knowledge and experience that will advance their academic and professional careers. With our industry-leading design and architecture professors, industry connections, and an inspiring campus community, students have multiple opportunities to recognize and channel creative energy into a rewarding, fulfilling career.

NewSchool of Architecture & Design is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) Senior College and University Commission. Programmatic accreditation is provided through the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB) for its professional architecture programs. Our Master of Architecture program is ranked as one of the Top 30 in the World by Frame magazine.


Great cities are the engine of innovation. As the birthplace of California, San Diego has always been at the forefront leading the country in game-changing creativity and technology. Our campus lies in the heart of the downtown East Village design district. Here artists, architects and designers are transforming once-empty industrial space into contemporary, creative studios, offices and residences. The result is the ideal destination for students to learn design - both for now and in the future.

You’ll learn from accomplished professionals, use industry-leading tools such as Rhino and Maya, and gain preparation for practice working on real-world projects. You’ll prototype in our state-of-the-art materials lab and have 24/7 access to your own studio space. For aspiring architects and designers, our uniquely small urban laboratory is ideal for personalized attention, and your teachers won’t be the only ones who know you by name.

Undergraduate in Architecture


Students enrolled in design programs at New School may choose a minor in Construction Management to complement their degree. Courses are offered sequentially during fall, winter and spring terms. While this course of study focuses on implementation within construction field, the knowledge, concepts and process are transferable to managing all types of projects. Students interested in pursuing a minor in Construction Management must seek approval from their Academic Advisor and Department Chair.

A minor degree will be awarded to a New School student who completes their major course of study successfully, and chooses to focus a minimum of 22 credits of their elective or additional work in a predefined series of courses. A minor degree will be reflected on both the student’s transcript and diploma.

The minor is a total of 22 credit hours taken among the classes below:

  • CM153 : Introduction to Construction Management and Team Building
  • CM201 : Construction Graphics and Contract Documents
  • CM202 : Fundamentals of Construction – Estimating
  • CM306 : Fundamentals of Construction – Scheduling
  • CM352 : Construction Finance and Accounting

The Bachelor of Science degree in Construction Management prepares students to enter the construction management profession working with designers, owners, and constructors. A graduate of the Construction Management program will have successfully demonstrated leadership, business management acumen, and technological understanding of the current practices and theories in Construction Management. Through coursework, community involvement, and other extracurricular activities, students will gain an appreciation for the urban environment and study methods of reusing current buildings toward a broader definition of responsible, energy-efficient practices.

Graduate Courses in Architecture

Interior Architecture & Design Program Objectives

  • Demonstrate critical thinking and identify, analyze, and solve interior design problems through completion of interior design studio projects.
  • Apply creative and critical thinking to solve interior environment problems from a human-centered approach and apply this knowledge to design solutions.
  • Demonstrate preparation for global design practice by incorporating cultural norms of user populations and applying that knowledge to design solutions that support globally diverse end users.
  • Demonstrate effective visual, verbal, and written communication.
  • Apply ethical and professional practices.
  • Demonstrate social responsibility by designing sustainable interior environments that support indoor environmental quality and improve the quality of life for occupants.
  • Engage in integrative professional design practice by contributing interior design expertise to collaborative design teams.

Program Data : Read data about program costs, types of occupations, completion rates, and median loan debt of students who have graduated from this program.

Note on Preparation for Licensure/Certification

Upon completion of the Bachelor of Interior Architecture & Design program and a minimum of two years practice experience, interior designers are eligible to sit for the National Council for Interior Design Qualification exam. Upon successful completion of this exam, any local or state building codes exams and any other applicable state requirements, designers can become certified or licensed in their jurisdiction. Eligibility requirements for professional licensure vary from state to state; all students and potential applicants must check with their state for current information. NewSchool enrollment advisors can provide guidance on licensure issues; however, it remains the individual’s responsibility to understand and comply with all state licensure requirements.

Interior Architecture & Design Professional Practice Can Cover And Specialize In:
  • Domestic and residential (specialized firms on kitchen and bathrooms)
  • Businesses and specialized brands (hospitality, office, retail, restaurant, healthcare, schools)
  • Exhibit and temporary spaces (convention centers, businesses, events)
  • Furniture and lighting design specialists

Job opportunities range from employment in specialized design services; architectural and design firms; home furnishing, furniture and materials shops and retailers; furniture and lighting design companies; and self-employment as a freelance designer or consultant.

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