Degree in Medicine and Surgery

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  • icon icon Category Undergraduate Programs
  • icon icon Course Degree in Medicine and Surgery

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About Course

  • 6 Years
  • Full-time  

  • The mission of the six year Degree – single cycle – Course is identified with the training of a doctor with an international professional profile, characterized by a multidisciplinary and integrated vision of health and disease problems, with an education oriented towards the community, the territory, the global health challenges and fundamentally towards disease prevention and health promotion and with a humanistic culture in its implications of medical interest. This specific mission is centered not only on the disease, but above all on the sick person, considered in his/her globality of soma and psyche and within the social context. The objectives, whose achievement constitute the qualifying background of the Doctor to be formed include:

    • Good capacity for human contact (communication skills);
    • Self-learning and self-assessment skills (continuing education);
    • Ability to analyze and resolve, in complete autonomy, the problems connected with medical practice, together with a good clinical practice based on scientific evidence (evidence based medicine);
    • Habit of constant updating of knowledge and skills, and possession of the methodological and cultural bases for autonomous acquisition and critical evaluation of new knowledge and skills (continuing professional development);
    • Good interdisciplinary and interprofessional practice (interprofessional education);

    In-depth knowledge of methodological fundaments which are necessary for a correct approach at scientific medical research, joined with an autonomous use of computer-based technologies which are indispensable in the clinical practice.

    Professional Opportunities:

    Graduates in Medicine and Surgery will carry out the activity of M.D.-surgeon in the various clinical, health and biomedical roles and fields. The employment opportunities normally offered to graduates in Medicine and Surgery are represented by:

    • Specialization Schools.
    • Ph. D.
    • Public and private clinics.
    • Hospitals and specialist centers.
    • Universities and research centers.
    • Territorial M.D.
    • National and international health and humanitarian organizations.

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