Maitri services for international students

We know how difficult it is for a person to leave their birth country and move to a different country but we believe that a successful career compensates for it all. Now, we don’t want you to run from one place to another to get your important documents and other important stuff because we know it’s tedious.

How good would it be if someone can figure it all out for you?. It’d be amazing. Right? So here we are, offering our services to make you feel like home in this new country. We’re not an agency, we’re your local guardians!

Here are the services you can avail for a small fee to ensure a hassle-free stay in this new country

All the maitri Services are FREE for maitri students.

  • Airport Pickup and Transfer
  • Sim card distribution and activation
  • Documentation, including Codice Fiscale, Permesso Di Soggiorno.
  • Assistance in Opening a bank account

We’re happy to help all the students who are landing in Italy with big suitcases and bigger dreams.

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