DIGITAL FASHION REVOLUTION, an event hosted by Istituto Marangoni Paris

Join a unique live experience: Digital Fashion Revolution, an event hosted by Istituto Marangoni Paris in occasion of the Paris Fashion Week

The Digital Fashion Revolution panel, that will be hosted by Istituto Marangoni Paris on 2nd March 2023 in occasion of the Paris Fashion Week, will be a moment to gather some of European brightest experts in Digital Fashion and Luxury topics.

Industry experts will speak about the challenges and opportunities that the fashion and luxury industry is experiencing thanks to the digital age.

What does it mean to innovate inside a fashion brand? In the digital age are more important contents or services for a luxury brand? How can brands shape the future of digital commerce, creating e-commerce oriented contents and experiences able to tell the story of a brand and make a client perceive its inner value?

This are just a few of the topics that will be discussed during the event.

Hosted on the 2nd March 2023 at Istituto Marangoni Paris from 3.30pm to 6.30pm.

This year's guests will include: 

Ashwini Deshpande · Digital Fashion Designer @ META

Adrien Vaissade · CEO and Founder @ CLEED - LVMH Maison Des Startups

Cécile Maudy and Inès Ennaji Chaïbi · Managing Director \ Global Business Manager @ MONOGRAM PARIS

Samah Habib · Managing Director Fashion and Luxury @ ACCENTURE

Stanislas de Quercize · Board Member and Former CEO @ CARTIER \ CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN \ RICHEMONT

**This Event Has Ended**


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