Fashion, glitter and gold by Joel alphonso - Domus Academy, Milano

Design, fashion, business or experience, whatever your field might be, we’re here with a pool full of opportunities for you! Domus Academy, one of the top 3 design schools is offering postgraduate courses in all 4 of them. We know taking career decisions is a big deal so we’re here to help you! Join us in the event where Joel, one of the DA representatives will talk about each one of them in a series of sessions. Here’s the agenda for you to look at! 

Fashion, glitter and gold by Joel on Wednesday, 4 May, 2022 6:30PM- 7:30PM ISTwhere he will talk about the career verticals in the fashion field and how to bring out the best in yourself while pitching to the top companies! 

Event Highlights:

  • Fashion Career opportunities
  • Domus Academy teaching methodology
  • and Industry projects
  • Internships in fashion field 
  • Course options
  • Question and answers

**This Event Has Ended**


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