From Milan to the World : Ashima Ranga's Expertise on Fashion Management Programs and Pathways

Focus of the Event: Guidance and insights on fashion management programs, colleges, and career opportunities. Join us for an enlightening online event as Maitri Global Education presents the Fashion Management Illuminating Talk with Ashima Ranga. This exclusive session, scheduled for June 24th, 2023, brings together fashion enthusiasts, students, and aspiring professionals from around the world.

Topics Covered:

  • Introduction to fashion management
  • Exploring undergraduate (UG) programs
  • Navigating postgraduate (PG) programs
  • Selecting the right college/institution
  • Industry trends and emerging areas of study
  • Career guidance and opportunities
  • Interactive Q&A session with Ashima Ranga

Audience: Aspiring fashion management enthusiasts, students, and individuals interested in pursuing a career in the fashion industry

Event Highlights:

  • Valuable guidance based on Ashima's experience and expertise
  • Insights on courses, colleges, and career pathways
  • Practical advice on choosing the right program and institution
  • Discussion on industry trends and emerging areas of study
  • Q&A session for attendees to ask specific questions
  • Limited spots available, registration required to secure a place

**This Event Has Ended**


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