Portfolio Tips and Tricks for Designers with Rahul, a visionary Industrial designers

Unleash your creativity and join us for an inspiring session with Rahul Ramith on August 19th, hosted by Maitri Global Education. An enthusiastic and visionary designer, Rahul's six-year journey in the world of design culminated in a Master's degree in Industrial/Product Design from Domus Academy, Milan, Italy, where he graduated in December 2019.

Rahul's design voyage spans diverse disciplines, empowering him to seamlessly adapt to various projects and clients. His expertise extends beyond conceptual design, encompassing the engineering of products tailored for today's market needs.

A staunch advocate of multidisciplinary design, Rahul embraces the philosophy that life's beauty lies in exploration. His visionary mindset thrives on an open and creative approach, allowing him to transcend conventional boundaries and work across industries like Transportation Design, Consumer Goods, Home Appliances, Packaging, and Furniture.

For Rahul, design is a holistic process that weaves together disparate elements, ensuring the product's integrity. His designs evoke tactile emotions and culminate in the sheer joy and pride of witnessing them come to life.

Rahul's influence extends beyond his design acumen – he's the Co-Founder of Warli Design Lab and the driving force behind Vishigu Design.

Get ready to immerse yourself in Rahul Ramith's world of design marvels. Join us on August 19th to gain insights into his multidisciplinary approach, witness his visionary prowess, and learn how he transforms ideas into reality. This session is your chance to be part of an extraordinary journey with a designer who is always ready to conquer challenges and breathe life into innovation.

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