Tips and Tricks for Interaction Design Portfolio by Dipayan, Visual Designer

Are you an emerging interaction designer ready to take your portfolio to the next level? Join us for an illuminating talk by Dipayan, a seasoned Visual Designer with a wealth of experience in the world of Interaction Design. Whether you're a recent graduate or someone looking to transition into the field, this event is tailored to help you master the art of creating an impactful interaction design portfolio.

What to Expect

In this exclusive event, Dipayan will share his insights and expertise on crafting an outstanding interaction design portfolio. He will delve into the essential elements that make a portfolio shine, drawing from his extensive experience in working with multiple clients in UI/UX and his current base in Milan, a thriving hub for design innovation. Learn how to effectively showcase your projects, understand the importance of storytelling and narrative in your portfolio, and discover the secrets to presenting your work in a way that captures attention and leaves a lasting impression.

Event Highlights

  • Gain practical tips and tricks for curating and presenting your interaction design projects.
  • Understand the importance of storytelling and narrative in your portfolio and how to implement it effectively.
  • Learn how to highlight your design process, problem-solving skills, and user-centered approach.
  • Get a chance to ask your burning questions during the Q&A session with Dipayan.
  • Connect with fellow emerging interaction designers and expand your professional network.

About Dipayan

Dipayan is a passionate Visual Designer with a proven track record in Interaction Design. With years of experience working on diverse projects ranging from mobile apps to web interfaces, Dipayan has honed his skills in creating seamless and engaging user experiences. His work has garnered recognition for its innovative design solutions and user-centric approach. Currently based in Milan, a design-forward city known for its creative energy, Dipayan collaborates with multiple clients in the UI/UX space, contributing to the enhancement of digital experiences across various industries.

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Join us on October 14th to uncover the secrets of mastering interaction design portfolios and kickstart your journey toward a successful design career!

**This Event Has Ended**


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