Prior To Departure

Choice of the course & institution

Maitri Global Education is with you from the very start. Our team member will talk with you to understand you well, before proposing any course or institution. Evaluating you and the studies you have accomplished , our staff will provide the you with multiple options to choose from. The options will be based on certain criteria like the tuition fee, duration of the course, the location of the campus, accreditation, internship possibilities, placement chances etc.


prior to



Visa process &

educational paper works



Admission procedure

Once you have decided on the course and the institution, our staff will guide you through the admission process. The prerequisites, documents, exams , interviews etc. This process can be different for institutions. But, you are in good hands and you will find the admission process a cakewalk.

Visa process & educational paper works

The completion of admission at the institute automatically bring you to another area which can be new and complicated for you. At this step, our staff will send you the check list of documents you will need for the application for the visa and every document you will require and how it should be submitted to the embassy or consulate. In case of any delay or problems at the embassy we will try to clear things directly with the embassy /consulate for you.

Declaration of Value (DV):

This is a document which is generally required, if you are admitted to an accredited degree program in Italy. The MGE staff will communicate to you the steps required to obtain this document.

Language classes

The local language is a great tool to accelerate and multiply the outcome of a study abroad experience. Our staff can guide you to the best institutions within your reach, where you can start a new language experience.





Active sim card

before arrival

Accommodation / Housing

Maitri Global Education looks into finding you a cozy and comfortable accommodation close to the campus with the assistance of the Institution or agents who works for the institute. This gives you an extra guarantee from us and the Institution. Once we get you connected to the agent, the agent deals directly with you, offering different options on housing/hostel. We will have a copy of every communication from the agent to you for your security. We will be glad and ever ready to intervene, to clarify or solve any kind of misunderstanding that can come up during the communication between you and the agent. Maitri Global will be at your side until you find the right accommodation. Important: It is very important that if you decide to take care of your housing you communicate us where you are going to stay. We would like to verify the place and speak with the persons before you do any money transaction. STUDENTS HAVE BEEN CHEATED IN THE PAST PAYING FOR APARTMENTS THAT NEVER EXISTED

Active sim card before arrival

Maitri Global Education will courier you an active sim card taken under your name, with the best package for internet and calling your home country. This is special gift from MGE to you to keep the communication going with your family, friends and the new place as soon as you land in the country. Once you are in the place you are free to keep the number and change the service provider and package according to your requirements.

* This service is available only in Italy


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