Undergraduate in Fashion Art Direction

Course Details

  • icon icon Institute Polimoda
  • icon icon Area Art, Fashion & Design
  • icon icon Sub Area Fashion, Design, Art, Management
  • icon icon Category Undergraduate Programs
  • icon icon Course Undergraduate in Fashion Art Direction

  • icon icon Campus Firenze Campus
  • icon icon Next intake September
  • icon icon Language English

About Course

  • 4 Years
  • Full-time | 1 Internship  

  • The Undergraduate in Fashion Art Direction is a leading creative program, translating a concept into all possible languages —from textual to audiovisual— and shaping Art Directors, Graphic Designers, New Media Experts, Fashion Editors and Fashion Curators who are ready to tackle international multimedia, advertising agencies and creative studios.  

    The desire of fame feeds our youth, so perhaps we should stay young forever. From the architecture of an image to a whole editorial issue or from the emotion surrounding a single object to the multidimensional curation of an exhibition space, this creative mind coordinates imaginative projects and artistic teams by feeling the spirit of the time and moving beyond aesthetic conventions. This program offers vertical progress, starting with learning basic skills in all areas during the first academic year to practical skills in the third year. Once students' soft skills and sense of leadership are developed, master's level learning is offered in the final year. Horizontal progress is guaranteed with two projects per year and includes a personal portfolio.

    Career Opportunities:

    Based on abilities and acquired skills, Fashion Art Direction graduates qualify for jobs in creative agencies, museums, magazines, brands and design studios, working as Art Directors, Graphic Designers, Artistic Directors, Illustrators, Photographers, Fashion Trend Forecasters, Editors, Curators, Visual Merchandisers, Strategic Planners, Bloggers, Communications Managers and, ultimately, Creative Directors.

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