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SKEMA Business School (School of Knowledge Economy and Management) is a private establishment of higher education and research with the legal status of a non-profit association under the French "1901 law".

SKEMA was founded in 2009 as a result of the merger between the Ecole Supérieure de Commerce, Lille and CERAM Business School, Sophia Antipolis. The Lille school had been ?founded in 1892 and CERAM in 1963.

SKEMA is a member of the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles. The school was approved by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research, as an EESPIG (Private Establishment for Higher Education declared to be of public usefulness). This official status was conferred on 6 July 2015 and declared in the Bulletin Officiel on 23 July 2015.

It is a community devoted to learning and the creation and transmission of management knowledge and practice. Since its inception, SKEMA has become a global school with a multi-campus structure and a large portfolio of programmes taught in English and in French. These range from undergraduate level to continuing education and are aligned with the Bologna higher education norms (Licence, Master, Doctorate). 

With 9,000 students of 120 nationalities and 48,000 graduates across 145 countries, SKEMA Business School is a global school that, through its research, +70 teaching programmes, and its international multi-site structure, trains and educates the talents that 21st-century businesses need. The school is now present on 7 sites: 3 campuses in France (Lille, Sophia Antipolis, Paris), 1 in China (Suzhou), 1 in the United States (Raleigh), 1 in Brazil (Belo Horizonte) and 1 in South Africa (Cape Town - Stellenbosch).


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Global BBA

  • 4 Years |  Full-time | 24​0 ECTS credits

Students can start their studies in Sophia Antipolis (south of France) or Lille (north France), Raleigh (USA) or Belo Horizonte (Brazil).  SKEMA's Global BBA is a state-certified bachelor's degree (September 2021).

From September 2022, students of the new EADA X SKEMA Global BBA double-degree programme will be able to spend the first two years on the EADA campus in Barcelona, then spend the third year at one of SKEMA's seven campuses across the world, and do their fourth year either in Barcelona or at one of SKEMA's campuses, depending on the specialisation they have chosen.

Our Global BBA allows students to obtain a recognised double degree:

SKEMA's Global BBA degree and (according to your study path):

  • SKEMA's American, North Carolina-state recognised bachelor's degree for those doing the International Business course on SKEMA's Raleigh campus or
  • the North Carolina State University (NCSU), USA, bachelor's degree or the Western Carolina University (WCU), Cullowhee, USA, bachelor's degree. or
  • the bachelor's degree from the partner university in the case of a double-diploma transfer programme. or
  • a Brazilian-state recognised degree for students who do the Global Business course, spending two years on SKEMA's Brazilian campus. 
An assured future

These qualifications lead to direct entry in the job market, or to higher levels​ of education such as masters of science degrees. With the BBA, you will develop qualities that will stand you in​ good stead for your career.

You will:    

  • be capable of adapting to today's and tomorrow's professional challenges
  • possess all the operational skills to handle business and market requirements
  • have a taste for innovation and the entrepreneurial values which will equip you to determine your future.

By studying at one of France's prestigious business schools, you will be joining an elite collection of students, researchers and professors. 

Sophia Antipolis Campus

Next intake: January, September

Language:   English

Lille Campus

Next intake: January, September

BBA in International Business

  • 4 Years |  Full-time

Get ready for a unique educational experience at SKEMA USA! 

SKEMA Business School is a global institution with French roots ranked by the Financial Times as one of the top five business schools in the world. SKEMA’s culture fosters the development of future management leaders and global citizens.

A 4-year degree with global study 

SKEMA's BBA in International Business offers students practical business knowledge, an innovative curriculum, and an internationally immersive experience. With campuses in 7 different countries, students receive a truly global business education.

The intercultural experience of all our campuses combined with a year of studying abroad strengthens our students' perspective, expertise, and knowledge.  They finish their program in 4 years and have the opportunity to earn a second degree at one of our partner institutions.

Raleigh Campus

Next intake: August

Language:   English

BBA in Business Administration

  • 4 Years |  Full-time

The SKEMA Undergraduate Business Administration with an Emphasis on Management in Global Business course is a four-year program recognized by the MEC, the French Ministry of Education and the state of North Carolina (USA). More than training bachelors in Business Administration, it prepares students to act and succeed in the context of markets and the global economy.

With seven fully integrated campuses around the world (three in Europe – France, one in Asia – China, one in South America – Brazil, one in North America – United States and one in Africa – South Africa), SKEMA enables international training. No other business school offers such an incredible immersive and multicultural experience.

The Business Administration course, which is unique in Brazil, offers students the opportunity to immerse themselves in the local market with global business learning, perspective and language, thus serving as a driver for a competitive professional career and for the continuity of a solid academic life.

Innovative, multicultural and global schools know that the educational formative process is more complex than was believed a few years ago. Therefore, SKEMA has a work area that is fully dedicated to supporting the construction of the life and career journey of our students.

The Careers Center is responsible for monitoring the transformation of the freshman student into a professional. We take care, for example, of the insertion of these young professionals in the job market so that they take into account their own goals, which are often forgotten during this journey. It is essential that the student manages to make their dreams and projects tangible in the form of competences and an insertion in the world of work in a more conscious and mature way.

Belo Horizonte Campus

Next intake: February, August

Language:   English

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