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At Strate School of Design, we believe a designer's main objective should be to serve his or her fellow man.

The past two centuries have seen both giant leaps in progress and some of humanity's darkest moments. From the Enlightenment to the First and Second World Wars to the realization that our natural resources are finite, we've recognized it has become imperative to think, live and consume differently.

In order to achieve this goal, it is important to take action regarding the long-term quality of our services, systems, and the objects that they are made up of. It is equally essential to let free and responsible individuals use their talents to create personal and collective projects.

The mission of 21st-century designers is precisely that: to contribute to solving this equation by connecting the demands of utility, simplicity, comfort, pleasure, and beauty to the service of each man and woman.

Make the world + simple + fair + beautiful

The Design Mix

A designer's role falls between that of a marketer and an engineer. Designers must be able to identify people's needs while mastering technology to execute their skills to the service of others.

In order to do this, a designer focuses on what we like to call "the design mix" which combines:

  • Specific technical skills,
  • Knowledge of social sciences, marketing, and engineering,
  • Project management skills,
  • Creativity.


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Master in Design in Transportation

  • 2 Years |  Full-time

Strate School of Design is one of the best Transportation design schools in the world. There is not a single car company without Strate alumni. Strate trains transportation designers for tomorrow, capable of developing a transversal and global vision of all mobility issues with a double exigency in terms of formal and conceptual excellence.

During this 28-month car design program, including a final 6-month internship, students will be trained to become strong professionals thanks to an intensive project-based pedagogy, car manufacturer master classes and partnerships, and an important emphasis on all representation techniques (2D/3D). 

The Master program is recognized by the French State through its registration by the National Council of Professional Certification (CNCP) at Level 1

The program's goal:

A global vision: Strate trains the designers of tomorrow, able to develop a global vision including all the mobility problems with a double requirement in terms of formal and conceptual excellence.

Well-trained and experienced professionals: Our students become well-trained and experienced designers through a strong project pedagogy, master classes and internships provided by the partner companies. They also become proficient in 2D / 3D representation techniques.

Career opportunities:

When you Graduate from Strate in automotive design you'll have a wide range of jobs opportunities, such as : 

  • Interior car designer
  • Exterior car designer
  • Color and trim designer
  • Equipment designer
  • Design consultant

Paris Campus

Next intake: September

Language:   English

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