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Application Instructions

NABA offers scholarships covering up to 25% of the tuition fee to attend its undergraduate courses starting in February 2022 in Milan or Rome Campus. The scholarship is awarded to students who meet the eligibility criteria. The scholarship is highly selective based on the portfolio

    Amount of scholarship: Covering Upto 25% deduction in total tuition fee

    Selection criteria: The competition is portfolio-based.

    Applicable for below Naba's Undergraduate programmes:

    • Bachelor of Arts in Design
    • Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design
    • Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design and Art Direction
    • Bachelor of Arts in Media Design and Multimedia Arts
    • Bachelor of Arts in Painting and Visual Arts
    • Bachelor of Arts in Creative Technologies
    • Bachelor of Arts in Set Design

    Applicable for Milan and Rome campus

    Students interested in joining the competition should send the application materials by and no later than September 17th, 2021

    Candidates who have been awarded a scholarship must enroll within 7 days from the official communication.

    Deadline: September 17 2021


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