Shoe 3D Design Course

Course Details

  • icon icon Institute Arsutoria School
  • icon icon Area Art, Fashion & Design
  • icon icon Sub Area Fashion Design
  • icon icon Category Short Courses
  • icon icon Course Shoe 3D Design Course

  • icon icon Campus Milan Campus
  • icon icon Next intake January, March, May, October
  • icon icon Language Italian & English

About Course

  • 4 Weeks
  • Full-time | Online: remote video lessons available  

  • 3D design represents the link between the creative soul and the technical soul of shoe design.

    Born in the late 1950s to support automotive design, through increasingly advanced software, it has evolved over time to become a fundamental tool in the design interaction between designers and technicians.  To be able to communicate and visualize a shoe project in a more realistic and complete way and therefore enhance its effectiveness and precision in the technical and style details, you need tools that speak a common virtual and visual language.

    This language can be shared by the pattern maker and the designer and which is at the same time highly technical and stylistically realistic in the representation of the project. At the end of the Arsutoria School 3D Design course you will have learned to work with new modern, reliable and, above all, widely used tools in the footwear sector.

    You will learn to represent your shoe ideas starting from the shape, through the outsole and arriving at the final renderings, collaborating and exchanging digital files for the technical development of the product from the upper and sole components, which will make the dialogue between everyone easier: designers, technicians and product developers



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