President :Ferruccio Ferragamo | Director:Linda Loppa

Polimoda International Institute of fashion design and marketing, is an Italian fashion Institute of excellence, internationally recognized for its high quality of teaching with its focus on fashion and marketing. The institute organizes specialized courses of design, production, commercialization and marketing, with the aim to create a close collaboration between the academic and production worlds. It is a golden opportunity to study in Polimoda Academy.

Based now, in Villa Favard, Polimoda was born in 1986 initiated and funded by the municipalities of Florence and Prato, the business associations in collaboration with the Fashion Institute of Tecnhology (FIT) of New York State University. Since March 2006 Ferruccio Ferragamo, is the president of the corporation. The development project of the institute has been entrusted to the director Linda Loppa from January 2007. A person of international importance for training fashion, Linda Loppa, with her professional background and creative abilities and design, has raised the image of the Institute and reworked the educational provision very much enhancing the quality, research and creativity of the institute.

Polimoda provides students with a quality professional training in accordance with company demands. Polimoda is a member of the IFFTI (International Foundation of Fashion technology Institutes) and offers courses of professional formation in collaboration with the Regione Toscana, the Provinces of Florence and Prato and with the funds of the European Union. Know more about Polimoda courses in Italy through us.hguyguyg

POLIMODA: Quality courses in Italy for training fashion, a school close to the major fashion companies, more than 90% of students employed within 6 months. Study in Polimoda Academy for a better career.

Over 950 students, 45% of them foreigners, and more than 90% of students find jobs within six months after the completion of the school through Polimoda courses in Italy. The number of students itself shows the success of an educational formula that allows to study all profiles that are needed in the fashion industry. Thanks to the team of faculty members who are from prestigious experienced companies. Along with the professional world as closely linked to the creation and design is flanked by figures oriented communication, marketing and administration management of companies in the sector. Polimoda the Institute is more qualified to cover training fashion to 360 degrees.

The constant contact with companies is the added value of Polimoda is thus able to arrange courses with curricula that prepare professionals in the round, which can be included immediately in the fashion world and in all positions connected. At the end of the paths of study, in fact, students are employed in companies of international prestige such clear: Conte of Florence, Ferragamo, Gucci, La Perla, La Rinascente, Patrizia Pepe, Tod's, etc.

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