26 Jan 2022

Why ‘Today’ is the right time to apply for your higher studies in Europe.

But what about after 6 months?

Education is important. But sometimes it can get crazy. Especially when you plan to do your higher education abroad. We know, it's a nightmare right! Given the current situation, we know that nobody is going to move out of the houses anytime soon. Everybody is busy washing hands, making #dalgonacoffee or doing that #handmojichallenge.

But what about after 6 months? We know the current situation is going to change soon. Have you ever wondered what’s going to happen in the education industry once this pandemic is all over….? Ever thought about it?

If not, you are going through FOMO! Nobody wants to miss out on a good opportunity right

Three reasons why this lockdown is the best time to start with your abroad studies application:

  • So many students have stopped applying which means less competition and more chances for you to get admission to your dream college.
  • Once the pandemic is over, there is a high possibility that institutions are going to increase their tuition/application fee, in order to stabilize their business. So grabbing your seat now can save you from paying a heavy tuition fee later.
  • 2020 Scholarships for many universities have opened. You have more than enough time to prepare for competitions and win that scholarship.
  • Colleges in Europe are giving the full refund our your tuition fee, if you decide to change your mind later

Now let’s cut to the chase. We see #maitriglobaleducation in your future. You are awesome — Maitri is awesome. So we can work together during this lockdown time and let's get that application form filled!

Well, if we have got your attention so far and wonder who we are…

Maitri Global Education is the leading educational consultancies for Universities in Italy. We call ourselves specialists in courses related to FASHION, DESIGN, ARTS, BUSINESS; ENGINEERING and CULINARY.

We will tell you why Italy is one of the countries to pursue your higher studies in different fields:

  • FASHION: Milan is the hub of Luxury Fashion and Lifestyle products where designer brands like Prada, Gucci, Versace, Armani and many more were born.
  • DESIGN: Renaissance was born in Italy.
  • ARTS: Italy is the home to world's two great artists: Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo
  • BUSINESS: Great companies like Ferrari, Gucci, Lamborghini, Ducati, and even Nutella are owned by Italian Entrepreneurs.
  • ENGINEERING: World famous engineer, Galileo Galilei was an Italian & studied at the University of Pisa.
  • CULINARY: Pizza, Pasta, and cappuccino originated in Italy.

So what are you waiting for now, CHRISTMAS? Wake up, smell the coffee and get those application forms filled right away!


With Love and Support,

Maitri Global Education


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