04 Jul 2022

CV building guide for a better career!

Looking for a job or sending your CV to be selected in your dream university? Whatever the case is, you need to make sure that it looks flawless, just like you are! Here are a few tips and tricks you can swear by in order to make your CV look impeccable!

Looking for a job or sending your CV to be selected in your dream university? Whatever the case is, you need to make sure that it looks flawless, just like you are! If you’re just starting your career, you might not know the importance of portraying yourself in the right way in order to achieve what you dream. Remember, your CV is a reflection of your personality. The person who’s reading your CV gets a glimpse of who you are as a person before they actually meet you. Don’t you wanna make sure that it looks perfect? Now, you must be wondering how to do that! Well, we’ve got your back here. Here are a few tips and tricks you can swear by in order to make your CV look impeccable! 

  1. Precision is the key : You need to make sure that whatever you put in your CV aligns with the course/job you’re applying for. Whether you did that thing for a month or you hold years of experience, portray it in a way that the reader gets a sense of your experience just by looking at your CV. Instead of using paragraphs to explain your experience, use bullet points that are precise and clear. For example, if you’re a fashion designer with little to no experience, mention every realted skill you have (cutting, sewing, pattern making, sketching, etc.) 
  2. Numbers do the work for you : This trick is specially useful for positions like digital marketing, social media management, performance marketing, business analyst, etc. When you put numbers like : “The brand gained x number of followers during my period with them”, it makes your experience look impactful. Also, do not forget to mention all the related softwares/tools you used to get this particular data. It makes a lot of difference and makes you look organised and effective.
  3. A little modification for a better chance : If you’re applying for different positions or courses in your field, we suggest you to read the job description/course details and modify your CV accordingly. Try to use some specific keywords that go with the description. If you’re applying for a position in a big brand, using these specific keywords can really make a difference as they use a system to filter CVs with specific “keywords” and only go through the ones that meet the requirements of the position according to them. Also, if you’re running out of space in your CV, you can delete the information that no longer supports your goal. For eg, if you graduated from high school 10-15 years back, it might be good to remove it from your CV and only keep the educational qualifications that can actually help your application.
  4. Format it like your life depends on it : Formatting means more to companies and universities than it does to you. If your CV is not properly formatted even though you have all the experience in the world, you have much lower chances to get the position. We say so because HRs view it as a reflection of your interpersonal skills like organisation, communication, etc. Make sure to format your CV (check for letter spacing, line spacing, paragraph spacing, etc.) before you hit the send button. Also, do not use fancy fonts, funky language, etc. as it might look tacky to most people out there. Be as professional as you can while building your CV.
  5. Skills and Accomplishments : Your skills and accomplishments say a lot about you. Even though if it’s nothing great, mention it. Rate your skills using bars, stars to show the percentage of your expertise in that particular skill. It makes the reader think that you have a clear vision. Also, mention all the languages you speak under the “languages” section. Even if you’re just a beginner in one or two, mention them. It makes a difference as the reader gets to know that you’re a quick learner.

Note : Try to keep your CV in one single page and always add a summary paragraph at the top (3-4 lines). Your contact details are extremely important. Do not forget to mention your current city, phone number, email address and relevant social media links (if you have your own personal website, link it too). We recommend adding a picture to your CV but it’s more of a personal choice.

Finding the right job has never been easy but getting your CV right can already get you halfway through it. In some cases (specially for design/art/fashion), whether you’re applying for a master degree or a job, having a portfolio or a website is extremely important. We’ll come back with a portfolio guide soon but till then we wish you the best of luck for all your future endeavours. 

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